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Sunday, 5 August 2012

Collaboratins & Contacts

Let me know if you are interestes in any works for the Kingom Sake, it is ALL about bringing Gods word to others impartialy, un-judgementaly and in the unity of the Gospel of RECONCILIATION.

May the word of God run swiftly with us all as he out-pours into and through us the fruita of each seasonal INCREASE. amen and amen

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Friday, 3 August 2012

I Dont Rap : I Speak - Free Mixtape Download

I Don't Rap: I Speak - Mixtape - (Free Download)

01 - PSA Intro
02 - The Watcher - (The Power of Testimony & Witness in the SPIRIT)
03 - FAITH
04 - Free Gift Freestyle
05 - Shining Down (Reconciliation Remix)
06 - Omega Man
07 - Fireworks Remix (Ft Nova)
08 - Words I Never Said Remix
09 - Pass Out (Class-Room Remix)

This Mixtape is STILL relevant now. I was Growing when i Did It but What it says Is TIMELESS.

God told me theres a difference between what we do as believers and what the world does pertaining to the "profession" of spoken words.

We as Christians understand the Truth about the tongue in the Light of God, and in using ALL that He has made us of and gifted us with we chose to Praise His Awesome and Holy Name with every part of our body all to His Glory and the Kingdom of Heaven.

The world does a lot of "talk" if we can differentiate "speaking" from "talking" in the core substance of  FAITH and the Fruits it Bears. God doesn't want us to partake in "idle talk" which breeds doubt, pride, conceit, contradiction, conspiracy and all sorts of ungodly and negative things.

The Truth is the way we talk carries some weight of our revelation. Jesus keeps us submerged in salvation and redemption in which we see the LIGHT of God shine above and beyond any Darkness of the world.

The other side of the tongue is it has quite an impact on whether we commit to self righteous or Christ Righteous behavior. Confessing and Professing Jesus as Lord of Our Lives places us In subjection to HIM and only the Goodness of God in whom there is no darkness and is above all principalities and powers of the worlds ways of doing things.

Finally, Speaking Faith and HEARING it bring us to Being in a CONSTANT state of Revelation and the LIGHT of Gods word, Illumination of Our fathers Desire for us to dwell in His Kingdom.

You could say talking has a persistent edge to "open your mind" or bring you the pieces of the picture, but Speaking has a persistence to "conclude", rather to LAND on the POINT and Focus which for us is Jesus Christ, His Salvation, Redemption and MERCIFUL LOVE. - Everlasting LIFE.

No matter what the world says about you, to you or against you, GODS WORD Reigns above ALL adversity and His Promise is Faithful to Manifest, so DONT give up and KEEP professing the word of Faith. Maintain as much as you can and God will Help you take care of the Rest IN HIS REST!!

May the Grace of God abound in us all Brothers and Sisters!! Enjoy the Fruits of HIS Glory!!

DOWNLOAD LINK  - I Don't Rap: I Speak - Mixtape - (Free Download)


MIXTAPE >> "Revelation Music" << MIXTAPE

"Revelation Music" Part 1 - (Download)

"Revelation Music" Part 2 - (Download)

Its more than a "Project"

Revelation Music is the First compilation of The Revelations God Gave me. It is Titles REVELATION MUSIC as it is ALL focused on Revelations in Christ Jesus and THAT is the core of understanding God Has put in my heart about Music, writing, song and dance ALL to His Glory

I Found the world had become way too enticed by ideas and explicit imaginations that we're so appealing they draw more and more people away from God and Glorifying Him and His Word. Much of what we see as lifestyle weighs down the heart in a "worry" entangled in the exhilaration of variety the world tries to cover up the passing away with.


At that prompting i put the pen to the pad and let God do ALL the brainstorming. I Let HIM tell the Story through me and HIM give me the ideas beyond what i could understand, COMPLETELY Trusting IN HIM.

This Compilation is MORE than special in that up to NOW the Revelations are MORE than what i had even envisioned while actually writing the lyrics and thinking how it would turn out. I had to close my mind from trying to conceive what i couldn't and Let His Revelations Guide Me through ALL the recording, arranging, editing and compiling of the project.

God ASSURED me in Learning what REVELATIONS IN CHRIST are all about, that there is NO worry or FEAR of fading in the Kingdom of God and that ALL the works we do for His Kingdom regardless of what they are, how big or small, or how they look to anyone else, are FAR GREATER than we can imagine. This is what sets us apart from "the world" and the sorts of things that are vainly done in it trying to escape the passing away.

We Hope for what we do not see, "for why does one Hope in what he still see's?", Walking in FAITH and working in FAITH show us that life in FAITH is with Jesus at the core and center of our EVERY revelation no matter what it is or where it is we are in our walk.

The Revelations in Christ Stand SOLID and FIRM in relevance and the Glory of Gods Goodness. It is HE whom refreshes us Every Season, year, month, week, day and moment that we are living in Him and with Him in all we do!!

I pray the Revelations and lyrics stir up the Holy Spirit within you all and bring you closer to The abounding Love of God, His favor and Grace in all your ways and deeds!

Enjoy the Gift God Has Given me to share with You! I KNOW it will be a blessing & may the Holy Spirit Engulf you in the Revelation of our awesome Savior who's glory shines through our everything!!


"Revelation Music" Part 1 - (Download)

"Revelation Music" Part 2 - (Download)

Written and produced by "TeQ NiQ" - Kudzai David Murapa
Instrumentals by "Dyce Jones" - Eduardo Pelembe


Thursday, 2 August 2012

H.I.P. H.O.P. FAITH :- Holy Inner Peace - Healing Outer Presence

H.I.P. H.O.P. FAITH !!Free Download!! 


This Album was recorded in 2010 at the beginning of a new season God sparked in my heart. The Revelations of H.I.P. H.O.P. Faith brought me to Revelation Music and how Redemption salvation and revelations in Jesus are more than necessary fundamentals of the fruits we bear as believers and followers of Our Lord and Savior.

Jesus came so that we Live a Life abundant in the fruits borne by HIS walking with us in ALL our ways, each and every single one of us regardless of what part we are making the entire body of Christ.

H.I.P. H.O.P. is acronym for the Blessed and Blessing nature Jesus radiates from within us. He Shines the PEACE within us into the HEALING outer presence of HIS Being With us and surrounding us in His Mercies and Goodness.

There is a still pending H.I.P. H.O.P. LEAP that i am waiting for God to fill Out within me and out pour the revelation of what Hes Giving Me. This Album More reflects a coming out of the world and i realized that a lot of the generation i am part of are very close to a lot of things that the world doesn't consider in itself "natural". Though in the Word of God it is MORE than normal to be a partaker of MUSIC and SONG in that Our father has given us a great Gift in being able to praise Him with ALL that He Gives us. The transparent difference that the world finds hard to "differentiate" - Living in the World, or LIVING TO THE LORD.

We Keep His Name on our tongues and His Light in ALL of our hearts minds and Spirits as His Heavenly Righteousness reigns and rains down upon us in the Blessed inspiration of His Wonderful Counselor whom infuses us toward bearing those exceedingly abundant deep rooted Kingdom fruits.

From the Intro of the album its confession straight into praise and redemption from that worldly sleep one is awakened from. Then at the turning point of Sleep (prod by Rymez) going through Peace, S.L.E.E.P. and Peaceful Sleep, the awakening is one away from the chaotic world view of all those things that seem like social whirlwinds and community adversities that plague many nations. In "Peace" you'll find that the debate is DONE at the last punchline ("I hate stating "i hate" saying I LOVE TOO, I Love God and HE loves me I LOVE YOU, They Love to feel to filter, let the love through, like Dr "Phil to"(filter) feel like everyone do")

The build up being people end up debating whether to be peaceful in the midst of turmoil, the aim is to let people know there's NO NEED to debate that, God does NOT want you to feel Disturbed or uncomfortable with yourself or anything else. He has made all and ordained ALL to Peaceful Being and Graceful Living. 

Metaphors and "wordplay aside", there is so much revelation in the writing of Rap lyrics that is REALLY and TRUTHFULLY Proverb and Psalm. 

As we have been given to sing Songs of Praise and Joyful Worship to Our Father in Heaven, we know that is what we determine to put our hearts and Spirit into letting the Holy spirit flow the anointing of Jesus through Us allowing Him to bear within and Through Us Fruits of REDEMPTION and Salvation all with HIM as the Focus of Our Revelation.

Faithful Seed, the Word of God, will Produce FAITHFUL fruits!!

Shalom Brothers and Sisters! Enjoy the Gift! 

H.I.P. H.O.P. FAITH !!Free Download!! 

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

REVELATION MUSIC : What is it about?


Revelation Music is ALL about Revelations in Jesus Christ. He is the Fulfilling of our every moment and we LOVE to put him 1st before any and everything.

Knowing He is through whom all was reconciled to the father gives us the graceful revelation of a God who cares for ALL! A God who cares for ALL he created so much that he cleansed each and every individual Spiritually by sending Jesus to walk among us and show us the LIGHT.

That Light is the Light that shines in all the revelations of Revelation Music Productions.

Lets Keep Jesus the Focus of Our every word, everything we do, as we see the coming Kingdom of Our fathers Love coming down upon All whom receive.



Tuesday, 26 June 2012


www.revelationmusic1.bandcamp.com - **Downloads** (Embrace the Grace!!)

The Gospel of Truth, The Light of The World, The TRULY INTIMATE Relationship with Jesus that we share is in all the aspects of our lives and it is a wonderful Truth to see Our Lord and Savior in ALL we do knowing that (John 1:1-5) All things are made through Him since the beginning of Creation and it is HE who came down to walk among us in the flesh, and it is HE whom the father resurrected so that IN HIM we NOW have the Free Gift of the Christian Liberty, The Outpouring of the exceedingly abundant Love and the Grace of God Freely given and not earned. - Unmerited and Undeserved BUT FREELY GIVEN!!

Whether your gifts are in music, song and dance, writing, production of any sort, we don't look at things from the world's "industrial" view of man, but of Gods Graceful Giving to Man of all that we do to HIS PRAISE and HIS GLORY, all for HIS KINGDOM GOODNESS in Jesus Christ.

We share the fruits of redemption that Our Father works and manifests through us all in the Gifts that He Graces us with (1 Corr:12).

God Grants us the opportunity to share these Gifts knowing they are all from Him and that; - 
1 Corrinthians 12:7  "But the manifestation of the Spirit is given to every man to profit withal... Meaning God wants to Prosper us through these gifts and He has given us the knowledge of that of each others Gifts as well as our own."

Thank You Jesus!! for you Supernaturally as well as naturally care for us and provide for us your awesome love and tender mercies above and beyond what we ask and think.

Ephesians 3:20  Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us,

May your wonderful Glory be seen in all we do as we patiently an lovingly await your 2nd coming
 and are Graced by your awesome presence within through each and every step of our walk In Faith of You, Our Personal Lord and Savior.

www.revelationmusic1.bandcamp.com **Downloads** - (Embrace the Grace!!)